Data Centers

From detection to notification within 40 seconds. Analyst review within 40 minutes

All of our data centers provide real-time 24/7 support and provide notifications within 40 seconds and analyst review within 40 minutes.


Data Processing

Mission critical infrastructure supports operations 24/7 to ensure data availability
Athena Traffic Light
  • The system acquires data from your private network and from local and regional networks operated by government agencies in Canada, the US and around the world
  • Continuous on-line quality control confirms network performance and readiness
  • Magnitude calibration against regional networks
  • On-line real-time processing provides immediate feedback within seconds of an event
  • Analysts review of all significant activity in the region and its relationship to natural seismicity and operations
  • Regular reports on seismic activity in the region and its relationship to operations, if any, are provided


Workflow:  Data Acquisition, Processing, Archiving and Publishing 

Data Workflow: Acquisition, Processing, Archiving & Publising 



Athena Real-time Operational Feedback -

  • Immediate feedback to personnel via “traffic light” display
  • Publications and notifications posted on secure data channels including web portable (Athena), SMS and email
  • Real-time ground motion data provides estimates of whether event was felt and the area where it occurred.

Athena Traffic Light

Athena Traffic Light with Ground Motion Data