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  • Trillium Compact Carrying/Insulating Case

    Trillium Compact Carrying/Insulating Case Trillium Compact is available with an optional transport/installation case. The unique design provides space for the sensor and tripod deployment cradle (included with the case) which can be set securely into soil or onto an irregular rocky surface. The Trillium Compact is then set into the bowl-shaped arms of the cradle and leveled in seconds. Optional tripod cradle spike kits are also available for use in unconsolidated soil and sand deployments.

  • Nanometrics Expands Sales Force

    Nanometrics Expands Sales Force Nanometrics is pleased to announce that we have expanded our sales force to meet increased demand for our products and services in the United States, Middle East and Indian sub-continent. Nanometrics welcomes regional sales managers, Mr. Earl Johnson and Mr. Gene Traverse.

  • 1000th Trillium 40 Ships

    1000th Trillium 40 Ships The 1000th Trillium 40 recently passed production test and is en-route to its new owner. The Trillium 40 continues to enjoy widespread acceptance and success. The success of the Trillium 40 can be attributed to its consistent performance and outstanding track record for reliable operation. Nanometrics' original goal was to design a seismometer that would “arrive alive”, not just on the first shipment but every time, to any destination.

  • The Caribbean Tsunami Warning Network Set in Motion

    The Caribbean Tsunami Warning Network Set in Motion The Seismic Research Unit (SRU) of the University of the West Indies selected the Nanometrics Inc. Libra VSAT telemetry seismic systems to establish a sustainable and robust seismic network to rapidly provide accurate detection of tsunamigenic events and issue early warnings for the region. This organization is responsible for monitoring earthquakes and volcanoes for islands of the Eastern Caribbean, in addition to the Dutch islands of Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Martin.

  • IRIS selects Trillium 240 for Transportable Array

    IRIS selects Trillium 240 for Transportable Array The USArray component of the National Science Foundation's EarthScope project is a continental-scale seismic observatory designed to provide a foundation for integrated studies of continental lithosphere and deep earth structure over a wide range of scales.

  • Taurus and LORITA - A High Arctic Success Story

    Taurus and LORITA - A High Arctic Success Story A large number of Nanometrics Taurus Digital Seismographs were recently deployed on the ice between Ellesmere Island, in the Canadian High Arctic, and Greenland.

  • Taurus in India

    Taurus in India Nanometrics personnel were recently invited by India’s National Geophysical Research Institute (N.G.R.I) located in Hyderabad to witness the successful field deployment of 48 Taurus portable seismographs during a control source experiment.

  • RSS Newsfeeds

    RSS Newsfeeds We want to keep our customers informed about the latest firmware releases, software upgrades and product news. Our website has been designed to allow you to subscribe to RSS and ATOM format newsfeeds. All updates will be "pushed" to you so that you can be kept informed. To subscribe to our newsfeed, click on the various format icons and copy the URL to your favourite newsfeed reader. If you do not have a newsfeed reader, you can download one for your operating system:

  • First shipment of Trillium 120P seismometers

    Trillium 120P seismometers are now shipping. The Trillium 120P is the third seismometer in the Trillium product line and is aimed at portable and fixed network applications.

  • Welcome Trillium Compact

    Welcome Trillium Compact  Nanometrics is pleased to announce a new generation in broadband seismometry.