Data Management

We offer a suite of leading-edge data management products that are applicable across a broad range of industries and research interests, including:

  • VSAT telemetry from remote and harsh environments
  • Managing off-grid stations with limited access to reliable power sources
  • Collecting continuous time-series data
  • Managing state-of-health data across all network assets
  • Central site management of field instruments and digitizers
  • Facilitating real-time data collection from networks consisting of large remote arrays
  • Pairing instrument data with station metadata (SCNL)

Applications for these products include seismic networks, environmental data communicaitons, real-time GPS data acquisition and water/air quality monitoring.

Probability Density Function (PDF) Analysis

We offer SQLX as a tool for identifying data quality issues at sites, such as:

  • Noise levels across all frequencies
  • The existence of human noise sources
  • Natural sources of noise (waves, glaciers, weather, etc)