Exploration and Recovery

For over 30 years, Nanometrics has designed and deployed real-time seismological networks on every continent and in every climate.  As the world leader in seismological networks,  Nanometrics offers expertise in event detection,  event location,  magnitude calculation,  real-time data transmission and processing, rapid event notification, and seismic emission tomography (SET).  Utilizing proprietary instrumentation and networking technology, the team at Nanometrics provides customized networks to facilitate induced seismicity monitoring, pre-frac surveys and real-time frac monitoring services.

Induced Seismicity Monitoring

Nanometrics seismic monitoring technology provides operators with critical real-time feedback to determine whether seismic events are naturally occurring or are a result of recovery and/or waste water injection operations. Nanometrics event location techniques provide the precision necessary to know which operator's activities are the cause of micro-seismic events.

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Pre-Frac Surveys

The success of a surface or near surface microseismic monitoring deployment is dependant on the signals-to-noise ratio of the seismic events at the receivers.  A pre-frac survey samples the static and transient noise fields at sufficient locations to provide detailed information on the detectability of events. This information is critical to determining the suitability of a particular microseismic monitoring strategy and the minimum detection threshold for events that the proposed strategy will deliver.

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Frac Monitoring

Nanometrics proprietary surface or near-surface instrumentation provides the optimal noise performance and widest event detectabilty range available to monitor hydrofracking operations in real-time from a central location. Nanometrics surface array monitoring technique does not require observation wells and covers larger volumes of reservoir than is possible with seismic borehole tools alone.

Nanometrics monitors patterns of microseismicity associated with the hydraulic fracturing of hydro-carbon reservoirs in order to enhance reservoir management.  Nanometrics utilizes a patented technique to monitor and resolve microseismic event locations in the presence of inherent technogenic noise. This technique provides accurate event location and characterization information to help operators understand the effects of hydraulic fracturing operations.



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Induced Seismicity Brochure


Geothermal Brochure


Case Study: Horn River Basin

Monitoring natural and induced seismicity.


Case Study: Bayou Corne 

Sinkhole real-time monitoring. 


Surface Sensor Deployment

Finding the best location.


Real-Time Telemetry of  Data

Nanometrics VSAT System
Real-time Telemetry Options



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Event Spectra

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