Network Management Services

Network Performance Evaluation

The Nanometrics network performance evaluation service consists of a thorough seismic network performance analysis and comprehensive optimization recommendations. The analysis and optimization recommendations are presented as a one-time report or on regular intervals.  The reporting can be combined with any or all network monitoring services to create a complete network management assessment.

Periodic Data Back-ups

This service includes periodic off-site back-ups of various data types to facilitate redundancy and efficient recovery to normal operating states following hardware failures.  The types of data for back-up include:

  • Seismic and SOH data
  • Station metadata
  • Software and instrument configuration
  • License files

Seismic Analysis Software Performance Evaluation

Comprehensive recommendations for network improvement are derived from the following analyses:

  • Pick statistical analysis for each station
  • Picking parameter fine-tuning
  • Examination of event association statistics
  • Event association fine tuning
  • Event detection speed and accuracy improvement via association parameter tuning
  • Custom velocity model travel time table generation