Network Monitoring Service

Nanometrics offers comprehensive end-to-end seismic system monitoring with automatic instrumentation or event notification, automatic event handling, data quality analysis and dedicated engineering technical support. The level of service and specific tasks are customizable to meet specific customer needs.  The intent of the service is to provide systems engineering expertise to ensure that customers realize the full potential of their networks in terms of data quality and availability.

Real-Time Remote Network Monitoring

Nanometrics can monitor any of the following in real-time:

  • CRF networking and routing 
  • Workstation performance 
  • Running software processes 
  • Seismic data analysis software statistics (triggering, event detection)
  • Data acquisition, analysis and publishing software
  • Remote site instrumentation SOH
  • Communications equipment (VSAT, Radios, Cellular Modems)

Real-Time Event Management:

  • Automatic resolution of issues that do not require manual intervention
  • Automatic notifications (via SMS or email) of issues that require user intervention 

Dedicated Engineering Technical Support:

Network availability is maximized through the deployment of  dedicated engineering resources that provide remote training and technical support.  When combined with remote monitoring and real-time event management, this service ensures efficient issue resolution and recovery to keep networks working at their full potential.

Data Quality Analysis

Nanometrics offers one-time, periodic or continuous seismic data quality analysis using SQLX.  Analysis includes:

  • Background noise floor assessment at seismic sites 
  • Seasonal, diurnal or custom interval background noise floor change analysis
  • Instrumentation issues arising from installation
  • Metadata accuracy