Nanometrics Inc. is a world-class provider of precision instrumentation, network technology and software applications for seismological and environmental research.

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  • Suggested Video
    Take a look inside the GSC Pacific research lab and data centre that provides real-time monitoring of induced seismicity and fracking activity in Western Canada.
  • Suggested Video - Utah's iconic arches: Are they talking to us?
    Courtesy of KSL.com, Keith M
    University of Utah is using Nanometrics state-of-the-art instrumentation to monitor Utah's national arches in Canyonlands National Park. Dr. Jeffery Moore and his research team...
  • Eavesdropping on Earth
    Researchers have sunk hundreds of small seismic stations across the United States and Canada to explore the structure and evolution of the continent. As Ivan Semeniuk reports, the...