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Top view of a hydroelectric dam and a river basin


Monitoring solutions for critical infrastructure.

Ensure the protection of your assets

Seismic hazards from natural or industrial processes can pose serious risks to the structural integrity and safety of critical structures. Nanometrics’ range of integrated seismic hazard assessment and turnkey structural monitoring services provide operators of critical infrastructure with the complete insight required to evaluate the potential impact of earthquakes on their facility and implement proactive risk management plans and processes.

Our highly specialized team has extensive experience working closely with facility operators and engineering firms to ensure effective risk management before, during and after a seismic event. Our services support hydroelectric and tailings dams; water, gas and electricity distribution facilities; nuclear power plants; chemical storage or refineries; wastewater treatment facilities; industrial manufacturing and processing facilities; communication and data centers; as well as bridges, tunnels, hospitals and schools.


With over 30 years of combined academic and industry experience, the Engineering Seismology team at Nanometrics apply their extensive expertise to assist our clients with successful management of seismic risk before, during and following an earthquake. In addition to our in-house team of Engineering Seismology experts, we also have an extensive network of contractors from academia and technical institutions that we collaborate with to add their industry-specific expertise to critical infrastructure projects.

Having contributed to a broad range of seismic monitoring and hazard assessment projects for critical facilities and infrastructure, our team members are highly specialized in; earthquake source and attenuation processes; ground motion prediction and shake maps; seismic hazard assessment (natural and induced); scenario earthquake simulation; seismic regulations and standards and earthquake early warning and structural monitoring.


Dr. Mark Novakovic

With 10 years experience in engineering seismology applications, Mark Novakovic specializes in ground motion prediction and seismic hazard assessment. Combining his ground motion expertise with his strong programming skill set, Mark contributes to the development of methodologies and models for earthquake source, attenuation and site processes to improve conventional seismic-data interpretation for engineering applications. He has extensive experience in the simulation of scenario earthquakes and developing shake maps towards implementation of risk mitigation strategies for Oil and Gas facilities. Mark has contributed to several scientific publications and was involved in the Canadian Induced Seismicity Collaboration which sought to understand the mechanisms and resulting hazards associated with industry-related induced seismicity in Alberta and British Columbia. Mark has received his BSc. with a specialization in Geophysics from the University of Alberta and completed his PhD at Western University, specializing in ground motion modelling and prediction.

Headshot of Mark Novakovic