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The Pegasus Quick Deploy Grant Winner Announcement

December 11, 2023
Ottawa, ON

Nanometrics Inc. Applauds Yoram Terleth's Winning Proposal for Pegasus Quick Deploy Grant in Seismology Studies

Nanometrics, a global leader in seismological solutions, is pleased to announce Yoram Terleth as the recipient of the Pegasus Quick Deploy Grant. This grant, aimed at scientific researchers, particularly postgraduate students and early career scientists, will support Terleth's groundbreaking six-month study, "SteepIce: Untangling the mechanics of glaciers in steep terrain using environmental cryo-seismology."

Terleth's proposal distinguished itself with its innovative approach to advancing the understanding of glacier mechanics in challenging terrains, specifically around the Vaughn Lewis icefall on the Juneau Icefield, Alaska. Nanometrics is proud to provide support for this ambitious project by awarding five Pegasus and broadband Compact Horizon Quick Deploy Stations.

The objective of the "SteepIce" project is to investigate the mechanics and drivers of ice flow in steep terrain, with a focus on Alaska, a key contributor to current sea-level rise. The study will involve deploying three stations on ice and two on rock around the icefall, collecting data over a three-week period—a significant duration for cryo seismological work. The acquired seismic data, in conjunction with other datasets, will help unravel the dynamics of ice flow and contribute valuable insights to the scientific community.

"We are excited to collaborate with Yoram Terleth on this impactful project. His dedication to advancing research aligns with our commitment to supporting innovative applications of our technology in scientific research," said John Hunt, Vice President & General Manager, Seismic Instruments & Systems Nanometrics.

Nanometrics' Seismic Solutions team will coordinate the delivery of the Pegasus units and provide training to ensure Terleth is fully equipped to harness the technology effectively. Regular updates, progress reports, and photos capturing milestones of the study will be shared with Nanometrics, fostering an ongoing partnership.

The field campaign for "SteepIce" is scheduled for early summer 2024, with data expected to be publicly available through the Earthscope/IRIS data management center by fall 2024. Terleth aims to present the results at the International Glaciological Society's 2024 branch meeting and publish findings in a peer-reviewed journal during 2025.

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