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Line graph of seismic data on a computer screen


A data acquisition software application that acquires continuous data.

notification of detected changes

Apollo Server is a data acquisition software application that acquires continuous time series data, state-of-health data, triggers and alerts from a wide range of remote Nanometrics field digitizers and SeedLink data sources. Packets are indexed to latitude-longitude coordinates, allowing the tracking of instrument changes and notification of users when changes are detected.

Apollo server dashboard displayed on a computer monitor

Scalable networks

This index also permits data to be recorded without the need to configure the central site to receive the data. Apollo Server is scalable and well suited for use in real-time networks ranging from small regional arrays to large national networks with hundreds of stations.

Intuitive web interface

Managed using a highly intuitive web client that allows the completion of administrative tasks such as configuring the data retrievers and streamers, managing the store, or shutting down the web server, allowing for the efficient management of complex networks.


Continuous data The application error correction protocol requests the re-transmission of any missing data.  
Packet indexing Packets are indexed to latitude-longitude coordinates, allowing the tracking of instrument changes.  
Protocols supported Apollo server supports acquisition and streaming of data using NP, SeedLink and GNSS protocols.  
Data switching

Efficiently consolidates waveform, state-of-health, log files and metadata into one coherent place.

Easy access server Runs as a firewall-friendly web server accessible from any browser via HTTP, HTTPS or both.  
Proven effectiveness Used as the main data acquisition server at over 15 national seismic networks.  

Data acquisition & archiving

Apollo is the only archiving solution that automatically tracks data availability, updating the archive whenever any old or missing data becomes available. Users can specify on-going continuous, one-time, event or trigger-based archive projects and can run numerous archive projects in parallel. Output formats include MiniSEED, SEGY, SAc or ASCII.

Diagram showing data packets being transmitted from centaur digitizers to a satellite and then to a computer