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Portable / Temporary deployments

Transforming portable seismic monitoring campaigns.


Planning and deploying autonomous seismic campaigns with traditional digital recorders is a complex, manually time-consuming, and costly process with limited outcome certainty.

The Pegasus Data Acquisition Ecosystem goes beyond traditional autonomous digital recorders, to deliver an integrated hardware and software ecosystem that eliminates the manual effort and complexity associated with planning, configuring, and managing large N campaigns. Intuitive workflows remove the challenges of configuring, deploying, and managing multiple stations in the field, and deliver automatically constructed ready-to-analyze data and metadata.

Pegasus sets new standards for flexibility, efficiency, and data quality. From experiment design to publishing, Pegasus reduces time in the field, the need for on-site station health checks, inventory management, and power related costs.


Blue Pegasus digitizer standing upright Digital Recorder  
Grey Pegasus Battery standing upright Smart Battery  
Pegasus-kit-case-cables Pegasus Quick Deploy Kit  
Pegasus campaign manager software dashboard on a computer monitor Campaign Manager  
Pegasus mobile app screens shown on two mobile devices side by side Mobile Application (Available on iOS & Android App stores)  
Pegasus data harvesting software dashboard shown on a laptop screen Data Harvesting Application  


Seamless, End-to-End Workflow

Together, the Pegasus Campaign Manager, Mobile App and Data Harvesting Desktop Application make every phase of the campaign, from station pre-planning and configuration to harvesting, easier and much more efficient. A secure cloud based campaign planning and management software tool, Pegasus Campaign Manager simplifies the creation of detailed station configuration plans using pre-defined templates, and set geo-locations using enhanced mapping features.

Easy to Use & Quick to Deploy

Field staff can quickly configure and deploy a Pegasus portable digital recorder using an intuitive mobile application that has station planning, configuration workflows, State-of-Health, and real-time waveform dashboards to streamline research design, confirmation and station management.

Flexible Integration

Pegasus provides exceptional flexibility and versatility. This highly adaptable system allows you to conduct experiments with any sensor, any density for any duration. Additionally, Pegasus provides the flexibility to select the power source that best suits your experiment. The broad compatibility with any 9 to 17v DC power source allows you to select batteries that suit the experiment duration, location and logistics.

High Quality, Complete Data Sets

Pegasus redefines the definition of complete data. Easily retrieve data using the Pegasus Harvester Application which streamlines the post-harvesting work required to convert, compile or curate complete data sets. Automatically generated system response, experiment metadata and instrument metadata in stationXML format are combined with time series data in MiniSEED format to provide a dataset that is ready to analyze and archive straight from the field.

Extend Deployment Periods

The Pegasus platform brings true broadband performance with a station size, weight, and power previously only available with geophone deployments. Exceptionally low power consumption significantly reduces battery requirements, as well as overall station size and weight allowing for the efficient deployment of more stations for longer periods of time. Pegasus can also be paired with our range of low-power, high performance seismometers in our Low-Power Solution series of instruments.