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June 8, 20232 min read

Introducing an enhanced AI-powered seismic event detection engine

In the ever-evolving field of passive seismic monitoring, technological advancements shape how we detect and analyze seismic events. Nanometrics has announced a significant upgrade to our event detection capabilities: the introduction of a next-generation AI-powered automated event detection engine. This groundbreaking development represents a significant leap forward in seismic data analysis, promising enhanced accuracy, faster processing, and improved seismic event catalogues.

Unveiling the Deep Learning Picker

At the heart of this upgrade lies our new Deep Learning Picker, a sophisticated algorithm trained on vast amounts of seismic event data. By leveraging the power of deep learning techniques, this advanced system can identify seismic events with unparalleled precision and reliability. Its ability to learn or be trained from diverse data sets allows for continuous improvement and increased accuracy over time.

Enhanced Event Detection

Our new event detection engine brings a more accurate and efficient approach to identifying seismic events. By harnessing the capabilities of AI, we have fine-tuned our algorithms to detect more events, locate them more accurately and do so with fewer false positives. This ability means that events can be pinpointed more precisely in near real-time, providing crucial information about the source and characteristics of seismic activity.

Moreover, we have made significant strides in reducing false positives, which will significantly enhance the reliability of event detection. By minimizing the occurrence of false alarms, our automated system ensures that only legitimate seismic events are reported, establishing the near real-time data set is closer to the final data set, providing greater real-time accuracy.

Revamped Infrastructure

We have substantially improved the underlying infrastructure that powers our seismic data analysis to support these advanced capabilities. Additionally, we have achieved faster event detection and more efficient data handling by upgrading our computational resources and optimizing data processing pipelines. This improvement means seismic events are detected and reported in near real-time, enabling prompt responses and informed decision-making.

Continued Investment and Rollout

This upgrade is just the beginning. We understand the significance of reliable data in seismic research, hazard assessment and decision-making processes. We have invested in developing an AI-powered automated event detection engine, which is now being rolled out across all private and subscriber arrays.

With these advancements, more users will have access to the advanced capabilities of our event detection engine. This ongoing effort will contribute to a better understanding of seismic activity worldwide. Come along for the journey as we strive to push the boundaries and deliver the best seismic monitoring solutions in the industry.

Communication and Updates

To ensure a seamless transition, our dedicated Data Center team will provide detailed communication upon the go-live date of the new AI-powered event detection engine.

The introduction of our new AI-powered automated event detection engine marks a milestone in the field of Seismic monitoring. Through cutting-edge deep learning techniques and infrastructure improvements, we have significantly upgraded event detection capabilities. With better auto event location, a lower false positive rate, and faster processing, our customers can rely on a more accurate and comprehensive seismic catalogue. We remain committed to investing in innovative technologies that drive the delivery of fast, accurate seismic data to help you understand and effectively manage seismic risk.


Lee Hutton

Director of Business Development - Seismic Monitoring Services