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Oil pipes at refinery

Passive Seismic Monitoring

Supporting the responsible development of natural resources.

Critical Information at your fingertips

Nanometrics provides customizable seismic monitoring solutions that are tailored to your monitoring objectives. With decades of experience in the study of seismicity, we are able to provide fast, accurate and complete seismic information for passive and induced applications. Nanometrics’ turnkey monitoring solutions use our proprietary broadband arrays with the latest state-of-the-art event detection, communication and advanced AI data processing technology. We manage all aspects of the network design, permitting, installation, commissioning, data acquisition and processing to enable you to focus on managing risk and business continuity.

Passive Seismic Data plot showing areas of high seismic activity with a colour legend

Data you can trust to make operational decisions

Our 24/7 cloud-based data center offers data recording, transmission, advanced processing, analysis and customizable notification services.

Nanometrics industry-leading, supervised Machine Learning algorithm, AI Analyst, can now match the accuracy of a live analyst for well constrained events. AI Analyst greatly reduces pick time, increases accuracy and limits analyst bias which enables complete, accurate and consistent assessment of target region seismicity in near real-time. This advanced processing is now included as a standard feature with all Nanometrics monitoring services.

Automatic data processing results from all of our networks undergo additional manual verification by staff at our data centre. We are also ready to provide data analysis at a moment’s notice for consultation during operational activities.

Continually meeting your monitoring regulations

Our seismic stations provide continuous operation and uninterrupted data streaming, via a cellular data connection to our cloud-based data center, year-round in any weather condition. Through the use of network performance modeling we maximize the cost effectiveness by ensuring the minimum number of stations are used to meet your monitoring criteria.

Our scientific and operational experience in seismology means we work closely with industry groups, academia and researchers to stay abreast of regulatory discussions and ensure our systems are ready for any potential changes in regulations.

Athena Data Management System

As part of our seismic monitoring solutions, you will receive access to a secure, customized Athena interface. This easy-to-use data management, event cataloging and notification system can be accessed via web browser or on the mobile app, anytime from anywhere.

Athena data management dashboard screenshot