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Nanometrics branded array station in open natural area surrounded by a metal fence

Subscription Arrays

The same performance and level of service as private arrays...without the cost.

Induced seismicity subscription arrays have you covered

Our subscription arrays are the most cost-effective way to monitor seismicity and manage risk. In fact, the performance of our subscription arrays exceed current regulatory requirements. We were the first to introduce the subscriber array model. We own the equipment and take care of its installation and maintenance. We pay for new stations as needed to cover new subscriber land holdings.

Magnitude completeness chart colour coded by area

Why subscribe?

Higher station density & monitoring resolution  
Flexible subscription terms  
No installation or decommissioning costs  
No expansion costs  
Best-in-class instrumentation  
Same level of service as private arrays  

Each subscriber receives:

  • High-quality baseline, frac and post completion data, supplemented by data from public stations in the area
  • 24/7 central site data acquisition, processing and notifications, including event source parameters and ground motions
  • Access to your own private web portal (Athena Data Management System) for an unlimited number of users. And only you will have access to the data about smaller events on your holdings. 

Optional add-ons:

  • Shake maps
  • Raw waveforms
  • Advanced seismic processing:
    • Subspace catalogue enhancement
    • Double difference relocation
    • Moment tensor inversion
    • Deployment of additional subscriber-specific temporary stations