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Two scientists lowering a Trillium Cascadia integration kit into a hole in the snow

Trillium Cascadia integration kit

A kit that provides an even lower noise floor and greater dynamic range.

Two sensors managed as one

The Cascadia line demonstrates the clear performance, convenience and operational benefits of a single instrument combining both strong and weak motion sensors. In addition to the Cascadia Compact, which combines a Titan Posthole Class A accelerometer with a Trillium Compact Posthole broadband seismometer, we now offer an integration kit that allows you to combine the Titan Posthole with a Trillium 120 Posthole or Trillium 120 Borehole seismometer.
Diagrams of a two integration kits side by side, 1 normal and 1 exploded view

Easier and less costly installation

Several options can be considered, incorporating a variety of physical form-factors, seismometer technology, and accelerometer signal range selections. Only one hole to dig, one instrument to level/align and a large tilt range.

Better performance

Always on-scale: local large magnitude as well as very weak signals recorded with the high combined dynamic range of the two sensors. All six channels are precisely aligned and less combined power required than similar systems.


Reduced cabling Compact form-factor allows you to only have to manage one cable.  
Always on-scale Local large magnitude as well as very weak signals recorded with the two sensors.  
Rugged & reliable Immersible, corrosion resistant, protected from overcurrent and reversed polarity.  
Site simplification

Bore or dig only one hole, whether shallow or deep borehole and level and align once.

Non-permanent So you can use your Titan and Trillium sensors separately at a later date.  
Combine with Centaur Easy levelling with an electronic bubble on the Centaur’s web browser interface.  

Kit for field assembly includes:

  • Titan-Trillium Integration tube, top cap, and adaptor ring
  • Required screws and other hardware
  • Assembly instructions
Technical diagram of integration kit broken apart into individual hardware