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Blue deployment kit strapped to a backpack, resting near the edge of a cliff face

Deployment Kits

A consistent operating environment, ensuring the highest quality data. 

Rugged, functional & quick deploy

Our rugged and supremely functional deployment cases turns a collection of monitoring equipment into a quick-deploy portable station, with everything you need for a short-term, standalone deployment. At the site, the case houses a complete deployment kit for standalone experiments of up to 7 days of continuous data acquisition. Deployments can be extended by purchasing an optional solar charging system.

Grey deployment case with solar panel on top


consistent operation Case also serves as a thermal insulating cover to provide a stable environment.  
Solar panel mount Transport case can act as an external mount for a 12W solar panel.   
Rugged and durable Shock protection for your valuable instrumentation.  

Deployment kits

We have kits for the Centaur digitizer, Trillium Compact Surface Vault or Posthole, Meridian Compact, and the Surface Interface Unit (SIU). The quick deploy kit includes:

  • 5m (max) cable
  • LiPo battery (max 20Ah) 
  • Solar charge controller 
  • 12W solar panel 
  • GPS patch antenna
Deployment case with solar panel on top and connected to a seismometer via large cable