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Blue Pegasis digitizer attached to a metal pole in a wooded area


The foundation of a new ecosystem for portable broadband and passive node deployments.

Any Sensor, Density or Duration

From volcanic explosions to fire ants, we know that trying to collect quality seismic data can be both a costly and a logistical nightmare. From experiment design to publishing, Pegasus reduces time in the field, the need for on-site station health checks, inventory management, and power related costs. Pegasus sets new standards for flexibility, efficiency, and data quality delivered by a standalone, portable, digital recorder. The Pegasus digitizer is well suited for broadband and passive node deployments, which focus on full waveform, full wavefield imaging, and rapid aftershock research.

Blue Pegasus digitizer standing upright

Minimize Station Infrastructure

With a power consumption of <200mW, Pegasus significantly reduces battery requirements, station size, and weight allowing for efficient and cost-effective portable deployment of larger campaigns over a longer period of time.

Minimize Field Effort

Minimize the time required to retrieve and process complete data sets. Retrieve one month’s worth of data in MiniSEED format along with StationXML metadata, State of Health and comprehensive project audit data in under 10 seconds.


Ultra-low power <200 mW represents a reduction of 60% for a typical sensor and digitizer station.  
Modular & versatile Opens up broad choices in battery chemistry and sensor technologies.  
Easy to Use Well-designed, friendly and intuitive workflows for all scenarios.  
Quick to deploy Boot time in less than 10 seconds and intuitive responsive Apps.  
Research Flexibility Supports seismometers, strong motion accelerometers, geophones and more.  
iOS & Android apps Connects seamlessly over Bluetooth to provide the primary field interface.  

Pegasus Ecosystem

Together, the Pegasus Campaign Manager, Mobile App and Data Harvesting Desktop Application make every phase of the campaign, from station pre-planning and configuration to harvesting, easier and much more efficient.

Collage of a pegasus digitizer, battery, iphone showing waveform data, computer screen and laptop showing nanometrics software