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Two technicians Trillium 120 Borehole being lowered into a pipe.

Trillium 120 Borehole

A borehole variant for deep-earth deployments in cased boreholes.

“Right out of the box” operation

Nanometrics’ industry-leading portfolio of Trillium seismometers includes a borehole variant for deep-earth deployments in cased boreholes. The latest generation of the Trillium 120 platform maintains all of the performance and capabilities of the previous generation while reducing power consumption by over 50%. The instrument is housed in a stainless steel enclosure incorporating a high-pressure, marine-grade connector making it suitable for borehole installations. 

Stainless steel Trillium 120 Borehole seismometer standing upright

Local, regional & teleseismic studies

The Trillium Borehole is ideal for local, regional and teleseismic studies having a response flat to velocity from 120 seconds to 150 Hz and self-noise below the NLNM at 100 seconds. Operators will appreciate the remote mass centering and robust no-mass lock design.

A highly integrated station solution

When using the Trillium 120 BH with our popular Centaur digitizer, you’ll have access to a digital leveling bubble through the Centaur GUI. The virtual leveling bubble makes for easy leveling down a dark hole, or once buried, gives you the ability to check levelness at any time.


Advanced leveling

The axis stack is mechanically leveled
to ensure that the vertical axis does
not couple horizontal noise.

Robust design A waterproof, stainless steel
enclosure ensures the sensor is
protected from harsh environments.
Remote corrections Automatic leveling can be remotely initiated to facilitate hole-lock installations in deep boreholes.  
Easy Recovery Fail-safe holelock release mechanism prevents jamming to the casement.  
Low Power Low consumption of 2300 mW minimizes power source requirements at the site.  
volume-icons Quiet deployments Down-hole deployments benefit from the self noise below NLNM at 100 s.  

Integration Kit

We now offer an integration kit that allows you to combine the Titan Posthole with a Trillium 120 Borehole or Trillium 120 Posthole seismometer for a combination that has an even lower noise floor and greater dynamic range.

Integration kit standing upright with cable connected to another instrument